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The early bird catches the worm: with the arrival of 2016 comes the time to prepare your generator for Summer operation. A good look at the stator cooling water system can ensure trouble free operation.

We've been busy at SvoBaTech end of last year and have further developed and improved our chemical cleaning process. We visited nuclear and coal-fired power plants and performed chemical cleanings of their stator cooling water systems to ensure proper cooling of the winding - all during operation and without losing a kWh of electricity produced!

Additionally, we have successfully commissioned an advanced Alkalizer Skid to increase the pH of the stator cooling water constantly and reliably during operation of the generator.

The first Generator User’s Group meeting in Las Vegas in November offered a whole range of interesting presentations and discussions.
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June 26-30, 2016. 
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Change the stator cooling water system to alkaline water chemistry


In our last newsletter we talked about how to eliminate Stator Cooling Water System plugging. The current issue focuses on alkaline water chemistry – The promised entry on instrumentation will follow in the next newsletter.

» Background

Alkaline water chemistry reduces the solubility of Cu ions and thus can reduce the occurrence of flow restrictions in copper hollow conductors caused by oxide deposits, if the pH is kept stable within CIGRE's recommendations of 8.5-9.

Alkalization can be achieved by either installing a dual mixed bed system (one is operating with Na+/OH- resin, the other with H+/OH-) or, more common and easier to control and monitor, by injecting an NaOH solution into the stator cooing water system. The continuous injection is counter-balanced by the removal of the OH- ions in the mixed bed.

» Monitoring

Conductivity is chosen as control parameter for the NaOH injection, as direct pH measurements in pure water is problematic and unreliable in closed systems. The conductivity might also be influenced by other foreign material (e.g. CO2, salts), thus regular Na+ measurements are necessary to verify the pH.

—> Next newsletter topic: “Useful instrumentation for the SCWS”

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» Key parameters

After working with and analyzing all popular designs in the industry, we designed a low-maintenance, failsafe and modular system to satisfy all needs. It can be installed and commissioned while the plant is operating.

» SvoBaTech products and services on alkalization

Recommendations on

· Stator cooling water system

· Benefit of alkalization

· Best configuration


Delivery of complete modular skids

· Easy to install during operation with standardized interfaces

· Easy integration in all stator cooling water systems

· Several independent safeguards against over-injection

· Extra low maintenance option available

· Stand-alone island solution available

>> Summary

In some situations it can be beneficial to run a stator cooling water system with alkaline water chemistry. An analysis of the situation is necessary to assess whether this measure is useful or not.

SvoBaTech provides all-in-one solutions from analysis of the current situation, custom-building of an alkalizer as well as its commissioning.

SvoBaTech’s experience with stator cooling water systems dates back to the early 1970s, having a combined experience of over 100 years.

Our passion is stator cooling water systems. Let our passion work for you!

· Creates alkaline water chemistry (pH 8.5-9.0) by injecting NaOH

· Controls pH reliably with a tolerance of ±0.05

· Compact rack with all instruments, controls and injection devices in one place

· Connects with two 3/8” OD pipes to the system

· Pressure-resistant up to 10 bar

· Can be controlled as island solution or tied into the plant system

· Several failsafe measures to prevent over-injection

· Low and simple maintenance (yearly refilling of stock solution, depending on design)

· Extra low maintenance hybrid solution available (refilling of stock solution every 3 years)

· Online implementation possible

Example installation of SvoBaTech alkalizer